Radiothon for Ukraine

We’ve all seen the news about the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine, but maybe you’ve not been sure about the best way to help. On Tuesday, April 5th, and Wednesday, April 6th, we’re inviting you to join us for an emergency radiothon to provide assistance to the people of Ukraine. We’ve teamed up with Cross International to provide Family Survival Packs which include things like food, basic medical supplies, food supplements, blankets, sleeping bags, and other emergency resources for thousands of refugees.

The need is urgent and there is no sign of the numbers slowing down, so please plan to join us and help provide hope to people in desperate need. The Radiothon will start at 6 am Tuesday and run through 10 am Wednesday. We hope you will join us to support people in need.

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Information on the situation along the Western border of Ukraine, where our partner is working:

  •  They are passing through an area known as Transcarpathia by the hundreds of thousands.
  • Estimates are that soon the total number of refugees will reach 5 million!
  • The primary area we are going to be working in, in support of our partner there, is in Ukraine, Romania, and Moldovia.
  • The first phase of the effort is striving to provide help to 30,000 refugees. While anyone who is moving right now on the ground is vulnerable, they are identifying the most critical-need families first. These are families with elderly family members, young children, children who have been separated from their families, those with special needs and disabilities, pregnant mothers, and the sick and injured.
  • The report from our partner is that this situation will not get better anytime soon, and the numbers continue to grow!
  • We will be providing Family Survival Packs for each family-  things like food and food supplements, basic medical supplies, personal hygiene products, and many more items. Mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, and more are being provided to families as well.
  • Our partner there, Cross International, has been serving in these regions for 32 years.
  • Counseling is also being provided for mental health and trauma issues, gender-based violence, and awareness of human trafficking.